Sunday, March 22, 2015

8 Spring Trends of 2015

Comment below your favorite spring trend. I know I probably left out like ten, but it would take hours to list out all of them!

The Gossamer

Spring is the time to go a little outside your comfort zone and wear colorful clothing. If you're not too into color, try to go for more subtle spring colors like olive, or faded pinks and purple's.

Patterns & Prints!
Like color, spring is when most people tend to don themselves in different patterns. Stick to simple patterns like neutral stripes if you're not into patterns, but if you are, try paisley or floral prints.

Fringe is fun! A fringed kimono or cropped top is a fun way to add a unique touch to an ordinary outfit, and gives people a clearer sense of your style.

Braided hairstyles!
These, while in practically all-year round, are especially trendy during the springtime. Most braided hairstyles, like braided buns, can be worn easily with natural hair, which I love because I feel spring is sometimes an all natural kind of season.

That being said, while keeping it natural during spring is great, it won't hurt to curl your hair if you're feeling it. There's also tons of no-heat curl tutorials online, and if you have flexible hair, just putting it into a braid after conditioning should give you curls -- (touch with hairspray when you take you hair out of the braid!)

Sheer tops are perfect for spring because the material is light and keeps you cool as the weather starts to heat up.

Mustard yellow!
I know that I already wrote about color, but I want to emphasize this one particularly. This color is perfect for spring time, and, while it may be a little too much for some people, is a lively trend that can look great if adorned and accessorized correctly.

Scallop everything!
Scallop cuts offer gorgeous detailing to a plain dress or shirt. Scallop shirts and dresses are perfect for the spring time and can often become a key piece in your go-to spring outfit(s).


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