Monday, January 12, 2015

Super Easy Healthy Snack Ideas!

Once in a while, when my eating habits start to get really bad, I decide to skip an after school treat of cake and frosting for a healthier approach. These are some snacks that I enjoy eating after school that are super easy to prepare and taste [almost] as good as a piece of cake [almost].

1) Hummus and Bread - Chickpeas are actually known to lower cholesterol, and it is very easy to make your own Hummus. Most recipes consist of a blend of chickpeas, water, (or other liquids ex. olive oil) lemon juice, and salt. Serve with warm pita bread or carrots/celery!

2) Sliced Apples and Homemade Peanut Butter - This one might sound a little unappetizing to some people, but trust me -- it's not.  Peanut butter, too, is super easy to make, and there is tons of recipes you can find online. 

3) Oatmeal - Some people might not consider this a snack, but this is one of those foods that I think can be eaten just about any time of day. Oatmeal is generally quite filling and is always a great healthy option when you're craving a snack. Top with honey and your favorite fruits and/or nuts!

4) Smoothies - Another easy option that you can whip up in a blender. Although I'm not usually a smoothie person, but they are so many different ways you can experiment with this one, just making it is a blast!

5) Nuts - A bowl of your favorite nuts -- from almonds to pistachios is always a healthy route when you have no idea what to eat. If you are not a nut person, then blend them up and add them to yogurt or a smoothie. 

6) Fruit Salad - This takes less than five minutes. Just chop up all your favorite fruits, whether its strawberries, pineapples, blueberries, etc. -- and mix them all together to get a super delicious fruit salad. 

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