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Advice People Don't Give When You Change Schools

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Hope that anyone reading this that has changed schools before will relate,
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1) What to wear

This one might not matter to some people, but to others, what to wear to school can be a big dilemma. What's "trendy" can vary quite a bit from school to school, although if you're the kind of person that does their own thing, then this doesn't apply to you as much. This advice can sound kind of vain almost, but when you're trying to settle in a new school where nobody knows who you are, appearance is important. The fact of the matter is, as annoying as it is, people notice other people's appearance. 

My tip: If you're not confident in the way you dress or you want to reinvent your look for your new school (or even for a new school year) return to the basics. Find a couple of plain tops and bottoms that fit you nicely and pair them up to make a couple of basic but nice outfits. You also want to appear put together, and this doesn't mean you have to spend hours going full out with curled hair, make-up, and heels. A big part of looking put-together is looking clean and neat (if that's not your style, then you don't have to listen to this bit.) Make sure your nails are neat, your face is clean, (a fresh face paired with a smile is a great asset when you want to make a good first impression!) and our hair is tamed in a way you like. Maybe spend extra time brushing your teeth and if you have dry skin, moisturize! esp. if you have dry lips. Finally, wear clean clothes. Appearing clean might seem a little bit of a basic and obvious step, but spending a little bit extra time can go a long way and also make you feel fresh and ready to go.

2) What the people are like in your new school

When you first visit a new school, you often get a cliche picture of a crowded hallway and huddled groups of people walking to class. But you don't usually get an inside peek of what the people are like. When someone is new usually one of their biggest worries have to do with making friends. When you have no idea what the people are like in your new school, you can grow nervous and begin to mull over the worst possible (and very unlikely) scenarios (at least, this is what I have done in the past.)

My tip: Don't worry. Relax. I can not emphasize this enough. Just because you don't know anybody doesn't mean that you won't get to know people. Think of it as a positive thing. When you don't know anyone, you are offered a fresh start. You can reinvent yourself and strive to evolve into exactly the person you want to become.

3) Where to sit at lunch 

Your average high school movie makes sitting at lunch seem as difficult as moving a bus with your right hand or something. But honestly, it's not something that you need to think about. But let me be perfectly honest with you and tell you straight up: if you are an awkward or shy person "tasks" like finding a place to sit at lunch will seem 10 times as awkward then they actually are, but they are NOT.

My tip: Be comfortable around people, SMILE, and people will want to be around you. Sit with a familiar face from your class before lunch. Choose someone who maybe asked what your name was or where you lived. It's not a big deal. Make conversation. It's that simple if you want it to be.

4) How to make friends

If you've never moved before and never had to make new friends, this can be hard, especially if you're not much of a social butterfly.

My tip: Just like my last tip, my key suggestion is to smile. Trust me. You don't have to be cheesing intensely or anything, but don't look like you're bored or uninterested. People like being around people who are cheerful, confident, and comfortable (CCC!) Find people who watch the same TV series as you, join a sport or a club you are genuinely interested in (maybe even join with other people that you've met that are new as well!)

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